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Cheers (1982-1993 Complete Series) 1080p H.264 (moviesbyrizzo)
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Ted Danson Shelley Long Kirstie Alley Comedy
2019-08-20 19:27:29 GMT
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This Emmy award winning TV series from the good old USA had a regular
26 million viewers drawn by the human beauty of Ms. Shelley Long no doubt
along with the gentlemanly theatrics of Ted Danson, the fiestiness of
"Carla" (Rhea Pearlman) and fans just the same of Ms. Kirstie Alley and
the gang. Many lovely gals appear in episodes along the way.

1440 X 1080 H.264 video (we tried a HEVC (H265) file version we downloaded 
however it wouldn't play on our top of the line 1080p bluray Sony Disc player
so we are giving you the complete series, in 1080p H.264 for compatibility
and also to include the missing episodes we found not included in other
1080p torrent postings of this series we found and checked on the net.

This is a great series for those who appreciate warm human beauty as depicted
very nicely here inmost special manner by Shelley Long, with a supportive
cast along the way, despite the ending scene in which she returns to marry 
former Bar Owner Sam Malone (Ted Danson) only to find her old crowd of friends 
having developed other loyalties it would appear in their ideas of "the ideal
couple" no doubt - given changing times.

This is a series everyone should have - lots of subs already on the net   
We'll post the ones we have in addition, when we get the chance.

We'll also separately post the two episode Anniversary special not included 
on this torrent - although we do have a mini mp4 clip of their 30th year 
reunion for a Dinner special and mp3s of songs sung on various episodes

Thanks  for seeding our torrents

Michael Rizzo Chessman


Thank you all for your support of this great torrent - e also have a 250GB or so complete version for when its appropriate to post here for you at some point if interest continues. ta! Michael Rizzo Chessman (moviesbyrizzo uploads)